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F16 Photo shoot

Saturday october 2018 a photo shoot was organised by the Spotters club Volkel. A limited number of spotters where Allied to enter the base on zaterdag afternoon to perform a photo shoot at sunset and evening. The event was very well organised and I was able to make some nice shots. The resultaat can be found in the Gallery...

Belgian Airforce days 2018

On Saturday 8th and Sunday 9th the 2018 Belgium airforce days ere held at Kleine Brogel airbase. This event promise to be a great opportunity for all aviation enthusiasts. Not many events took place during 2018 at an acceptable driving distance from Holland. When the wether is ok which means sunny with clouds the pictures will tell their story. Please visit my site one week after the event and you regret you'd id not attend this...

Our 2018 trip to Germany

From Saturday May 6th to Tuesday May 8th I visited a number of airports in the middle of Germany together with my son. On Saturday in the afternoon we arrived at Frankfurt am Mein AirPort, our first destination . We have been exploring the area on Saturday evening and already taken some pictures. This was very nice with the setting sun. The light nicely and soft and gave a special effect on the pictures. We have seen a number of good locations where...

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