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Military Historical Musea Soesterberg

Today I went back to the place where my hobby began, Soesterberg. In 1984 I became infected with the spotters virus by seeing the American show team Thunderbirds in action. This show team flies with F16 fighter planes really spectacular. Along with my son, I went to the National Military Museum. This museum is located on the former Air Base Soesterberg. Soesterberg was a military airport near Soesterberg, between Utrecht and Amersfoort. The airpor...


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NATO Tiger Meet Poznan 14-25 May 2018

From May 14th till May 25the the NATO Tiger Meet will be organised at the 31st Air Base, Poznan-Krzesiny, Poland. The spotters day for the exercise will be on Friday 18 May. This year i decided to visit the tiger meet as well as the Poznan Airshow held in the wekend following. I will travel with 4aviation https://www.4aviation.nl/tours/tour-poland-2018/. The 31st Air Base is the biggest military airfield of the Polish Air Force and it is the hom...

My content on Fryslan news site

My Pictures have been used by the news site of Friesland a d Dutch province. Please check below URL for visuals and Audio; https://www.omropfryslan.nl/nieuws/799006-drukte-op-spottersbult-bij-aankomst-amerikaanse-f-15s

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