From May 14th till May 25the the NATO Tiger Meet will be organised at the 31st Air Base, Poznan-Krzesiny, Poland. The spotters day for the exercise will be on Friday 18 May. This year i decided to visit the tiger meet as well as the Poznan Airshow held in the wekend following. I will travel with 4aviation

The 31st Air Base is the biggest military airfield of the Polish Air Force and it is the home of the 3rd Tactical Squadron and 6th Tactical Squadron both equipped with F-16C/D Block 52 Fighting Falcon.

NATO Tiger Meet 2018 Participant List

Rafale M – French Navy
Rafale C/B / Mirage 2000 – French Air Force

JAS-39C/D Gripen / Mi-24 Hind – Czech Air Force
JAS-39C/D Gripen – Hungarian Air Force

F-16C/D Block 52 – Polish Air Force

F-16A/B MLU – Royal Netherlands Air Force
F-16A/B MLU – Belgian Air Force
F-16A/B MLU – Royal Norwegian Air Force
Eurofighter Typhoon / AB-212 – Italian Air Force
Eurofighter Typhoon / Tornado – German Air Force
Eurofighter Typhoon / EF-18 Hornet – Spanish Air Force