Today I went back to the place where my hobby began, Soesterberg. In 1984 I became infected with the spotters virus by seeing the American show team Thunderbirds in action. This show team flies with F16 fighter planes really spectacular.

Along with my son, I went to the National Military Museum. This museum is located on the former Air Base Soesterberg.

Soesterberg was a military airport near Soesterberg, between Utrecht and Amersfoort. The airport was the cradle of military aviation in the Netherlands; 1913 Army aviation department (LVA) made its first flight here. Because of cuts in defence the base is closed in November 2008.


The National Military Museum (NMM) in Soest is a museum that focuses on the significance of the Dutch armed forces in the past, present and future with special attention to the collections of land and air forces, from the Army Museum in Delft and the Military aviation Museum in Soesterberg, which are combined in the NMM. The NMM is housed in the Royal Museums Defence Foundation (KSD).

The set-up of the museum is nice and compact. The largest part is indoor. There are several presentations supported by audiovisual means. Hang airplanes from the ceiling and military vehicles on the ground.


Outside some military aircraft are parked as well as ground to air defence missile systems are presented. You can also ride in various military vehicles. You need about three to four hours to see the whole museum and undertake some activities. Really nice for spending an afternoon.