From Saturday May 6th to Tuesday May 8th I visited a number of airports in the middle of Germany together with my son. On Saturday in the afternoon we arrived at Frankfurt am Mein AirPort, our first destination . We have been exploring the area on Saturday evening and already taken some pictures. This was very nice with the setting sun.

The light nicely and soft and gave a special effect on the pictures. We have seen a number of good locations where we decided to make photo’s during the Sunday. At Frankfurt they have a number of locations where the public can see the departing and arriving aircraft. These locations are nicely set up and offer a good opportunity to take photo’s or just for viewing.

The weather was exceptionally beautiful, actually too sunny, this gives the risqué of reflections on the aluminium fuselage. Another disadvantage of this kind of wether is the forming of heat waves above the runway. 

Frankfurt am Mein has a total of four runways, so it is important to choose where you position yourself. The sun helps you to make this decision.

In the afternoon we drove towards Ramstein. This field is close to Kaiserslautern along motorway [6]. This field host fighter wings operating with transport and air refuelling aircraft. Our hotel was at the end of the runway and it was not a long drive to get to our location. 

In the morning we started at the east side of the field, runway 27 was in use. Not long after we arrived there were three C130 Hercules aircraft on final. This was a nice start of a very quiet day. 

After arrival of the three named aircraft we were moved to the west side of the field, runway 09, because the track was turned. Apart from two civilian aircraft and two F16’s from Spangdahlem we have not been able to see much. We therefore decided to move on to our next destination at noon.

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At one and a half hour from Ramstein, Spangdahlem airbase is located. This base is very near to the Luxembourg border, about 15 minutes from Trier. We had a nice little hotel not far from the base. We heard the planes departing from our hotel room. 

Tuesday morning we found a nice spot just under the landing lights. We parked the car there and had a nice busy day. Until about three o’clock it was great to photograph at our location, then the sun started to bother us, that was the moment we decided to go home again.

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In addition to the local F16’s, we where also able to spot three tankers [K35] on its way in, that was very nice for the variety.

We had a few nice days.